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Penis Glitter Bombs

A 19 year old college student from Norway is running around blasting people with glitter in a giant penis costume.

But don't worry, it's all just for fun and giggles. It's actually intended to be a PSA about using condoms for males age 16-25.

The glitter is used to represent STD's because much like an STD, glitter is difficult to get off you.

Even though it is for a great cause, it's also works for a good laugh. I mean, watching a guy in a giant penis costume bombarding unsuspecting people with glitter. Pure GOLD!

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Chuck Charles's Bio
I moved to Green Bay in 2012. I have two bachelor degrees in Music and Communications. Since I never made it as a famous musician, I figured working in radio would be the next best thing. And I tell you this is the best line of work I have ever been in. I love working in radio. I finally found a job where I can be myself.

I'm originally from the north woods of Wisconsin and the U.P. So when someone says "up nort," they rarely know what that really means. I know what it means to be from up north.

With that being said I am the opposite of someone being raised in the north woods. I always had a city soul. I like to have a good time, write music, sing karaoke, go biking and play in league sports (bowling and softball).

My top 5 female artists (in no particular order)
Katy Perry
Iggy Azalea
Nicki Minaj
Lady Gaga

Snap: whatthechuck99
Facebook: facebook.com/chuckcharles99
Twitter: @whatthechuck99
Instagram: @whatthechuck99
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