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Bigger phones, bigger pockets

Mo' phone mo' problems. Upon the arrival of the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy phones already being that big (if not bigger), our pants pockets are getting more stuffed than me eating at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.

With people shoving their phones into their already too tight hipster jeans, the iPhone 6 has come under some fire recently with "BendGate." This occurs because Apple always has to be on the cutting edge of phone technology and has made their newest phone from a malleable aluminum which makes the phone prone to being bent.

Most people are seeing this as an issue while some clothing companies are seeing this as an opportunity. There are at least 5 clothing brands (American Eagle, Levi's, J. Crew's, L.L. Bean, and Lee Jeans) that are looking into making pants with bigger pocket sizes, especially for you women who have pathetically small pocket sizes. Probably because you're always carrying some bomb purse you got on sale for $15 that was marked down from $85. You women, so crafty with sales.

The real big story here shouldn't be that these companies are looking into making pants with bigger pockets, it's that people should be looking at the companies that already HAVE bigger pocket sizes.

I remember in middle school wearing JNCO Jeans. Those bad boys had pocket sizes so big you could shove a 3 liter bottle of Faygo soda in them and no one would even know. Of course that also came with the territory of being a Juggalo. Then when I first hit college I would always wear Southpole clothing, No issue with pocket size there. I could put my phone and wallet in the same pocket and barely even notice them press against my leg.

These two companies, along with others like Brooklyn and the such should see an increase in sales, as far as I'm concerned. It's time for people to stop wearing their jeans so tight that onces you sit, you're planted for the rest of the evening because the struggle of the tightness is so very real. Be comfortable in your jeans and stop painting them on.

Wow, this really turned from a public service announcement to a rant and endorsement for looser fitting jeans.

Until next time Mother Chuckers.

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