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Chuggs's Bio
Chuggs is a man’s man with a girly girl persona that makes him attractive to everyone man, woman and child! I love puppies and kittens but am not afraid to bring the wrath of my UFC skills when necessary.

I have been in radio my whole life, along with other side jobs including; military man, bar owner and creator of the Manwich (not the sloppy joes product)?

I am married to Mrs. Chuggs (Tracy) my 6th grade sweetheart, and current “Sugar Mama”. She tried to hold out, but due to my quick wit and the ability to move my body like a cyclone...her resistance was futile, and we have been married for over 11 years. We are proud owners of the next Gerber baby; his name is Baby Chuggs (Corbin).

I enjoy the smell of bacon, that is why I like camping and being outdoors or on the water with my boat. Not sure what boating has to do with bacon…but I think the pig is the most amazing animal in the world.

Even though I like to think of myself as a flirt, Nikki currently has the title of Biggest Flirt (an actual award by the way)…but I will work to regain control of that!

I look forward to waking up in the morning with you (I didn’t actually know you could wake up at 4:15am…I thought it was just a coming home from after bar time).
Nikki's Bio
My name is Nikki and I love the radio!  After spending many years as a high school teacher, I had the opportunity to work for KISS FM, and I am so glad that I jumped on it!  This is a great job and it is always so much fun because you, the KISS NATION, interacts with us daily…and you are very FUN!

I may not be the best at fashion, but I fake it with excellent hygiene, a very pleasant fragrance, a skirt which is pretty much a mandatory outfit for me, even on the golf course, and the color pink.

Typically you will find me hanging out with friends and family, trying fun new restaurants, and if you need advice on the best Happy Hour’s in the area… I could be your guide!  I consider myself a “Happy Hour Chick” as I am not as good at being out until 3am as I used to be. My workout routine is created to allow me to play! (meaning food and drink of course)

I look forward to seeing you at the many KISS events that we host, and feel free to chat via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or the old fashioned way… a real phone (no rotary dial though please).

It is time for me to go now… Say Bye Nikki...“BYE NIKKI!”
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