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Tue, September 12, 2017

Denny's Latest Mascot

Ah, Denny's. You have some mean skillets on your menu and you're certainly a fabulous spot to hit after bar.

However, I do have to question this decision you've made.

I get that you're big ticket items are breakfast and that's fine because I love your breakfast. And sausage is certainly one of my favorite breakfast items to get. But I do feel like maybe you could've picked another friendly breakfast item to feature. Like everyone's favorite addition to anything, bacon.

Or perhaps the graphics person could've made a better effort to not make this look like Hankey The Christmas Poo from South Park.

Here are some future breakfast mascot suggstions. You could do ham. Ham never gets any mascot love. There's always a pancake. Imagine the fun you could have with a round, loveable pancake.

But don't worry Denny's, this will not deter me from stopping and eating you delicious, awesome skillets. We're just concerned about the sausage and how he is getting welcomed on Twitter.