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A Dog & Their Pile of Leaves

Tuesday, Nov, 14 2017

Sometimes we never take enough time to enjoy the simple things in life. Everything is so fast paced and our attention spans are quite short these days.

Thank goodness there are good doggos like Stella to remind us to enjoy those simple things in life.

This dog is so excited to be playing fetch into a giant pile of leaves. If anything, if you were having a bad day I hope this put a smile on your face.


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Cannabis Commercial

Monday, Nov, 13 2017

Real company? Yes. Real advertisement? Perhaps. Funny? Absolutely.

Briteside is a cannabis company that delivers high quality marijuana to your door much like a Blue Apron. But that may just be the second best part of this.

The advertising people over at Briteside came up with a hilarious, parody like commercial to advertise their product. It's much like those regular drug commercials that you would see.

Take a minute and a half and watch below.

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The Wet Selfie

Tuesday, Oct, 24 2017

Ah, the perfect selfie. Some people will do anything to achieve it. It can take time, countless tries and perhaps be a little risky.

This is a perfect example of it being risky. This guy posts up next to the ocean and decides he's gonna get up close and capture the waves in the background. Except there's one problem. A WAVE ABSOLUTELY SMOKES HIM.

I hope that he and his phone are alright. Just let this be a lesson to you folks. Not all selfies are worth it. Also, maybe think twice about wearing a speedo.

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Lady Gaga Wax Figure

Monday, Oct, 23 2017

I'm no artist, and I certainly don't criticize other people's work a lot. But something went horribly wrong with this wax figure of Lady Gaga.

#1. Wax figures are weird. I don't know why this is even a thing. I would probably be so offended if I ever had one made of me. "Is this what I really look like. My GOODnes."

#2. I can't believe someone got paid for this. I mean, did they go through several different figures before they chose this one? "Yeah, that's as good as it's gonna get. Let's just use this one."

#3. Has the person who made this ever actually seen a picture of Lady Gaga?

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#WhattheChuckWednesday Tinder Finger

Wednesday, Oct, 18 2017

Okay, things with online dating are getting out of hand. Not only has it taken away the effort of going out and actually meeting someone in person and taking chances in that sense, but it's also desensitized the process (in my opinion).

I didn't realize that swiping right on everybody on the list was a thing in hope that you get a ton of matches. I also didn't realize that this was getting in the way of friends hanging out. (What would this addiction be called?)

Well, along comes yet another breakthrough in technology that I feel could've been used for something useful.

Introducing the "Tinder Finger." It's a device you can attach to your phone to have swipe right on every Tinder profile so you can actually have an in person conversation and make eye contact with your friends.

I have to say, out of the recent #WhattheChuckWednesday's, this one is up there for things that have me #SMDH

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posted by: Chuck Charles