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Kangaroo On A Leash In Detroit

Tuesday, Mar, 28 2017

This girl caught the kangaroo on Snapchat. Look at him go!

posted by: Heather Storm

Lindsey Stirling Beauty and the Beast

Tuesday, Mar, 14 2017

Violinist Lindsey Stirling (you know her from "Don't Let This Feeling Fade" covers the music from Beauty and the Beast.

posted by: Heather Storm

Belle and Boujee

Monday, Mar, 13 2017

Happy Beauty and the Beast week, kids!

posted by: Heather Storm

Ariana Stage Creeper

Friday, Mar, 3 2017

A creepy stalker-like individual wanders on stage at Ariana Grande's concert in Philadelphia. She told security to go easy on him.

This is just like the scene in the Bodyguard movie with Whitney Houston (or the stage show if you saw that at the PAC).

posted by: Heather Storm

Gaga's Love Is Project

Monday, Feb, 27 2017

Lady Gaga has a really cool campaign called the "Love Is Project."   This ad with Gaga, Pharrell and Ellen  aired during the Oscars last night.  

posted by: Heather Storm