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Heather Storm

Heather Storm

Heather is up late finding the best things on the internet to share with you!

Fantastic "Drunk In Love" Parody

Wednesday, Feb, 26 2014

Few things are better than love, but donuts are one of those things.  Enjoy, "Dunk In Love."

posted by: Heather Storm

Bluegrass "Gangnam Style"

Wednesday, Feb, 26 2014

Well, that's interesting.

posted by: Heather Storm

Hank The New Brewer Mascot Trains With Sausages

Wednesday, Feb, 26 2014

Hank was found wandering the Brewer practice field in Arizona and has become the new "unofficial" mascot.  He's not ready to keep up with those big weiners just yet, but he's working on it!  Do you want to see him at Miller Park?

posted by: Heather Storm

Magic Mike 2 Audition

Tuesday, Feb, 25 2014

Random guy uploads video of himself dancing to "Pony" like Channing in Magic Mike and labels it "Magic Mike 2 audition."

And in case you were craving the real thing...

posted by: Heather Storm

Muffin Top Rap

Monday, Feb, 24 2014


posted by: Heather Storm