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Katy Perry "Rise" Video

Friday, Aug, 5 2016

The Olympics are here!! And so is Katy Perry's video for "Rise." USA!! USA!! USA!!!

posted by: Heather Storm

Pokemon Theme In 20 Styles

Tuesday, Aug, 2 2016

You may have seen this guy cover songs before.  He does this same thing for many popular songs.

posted by: Heather Storm

Church Rapping Granny

Monday, Aug, 1 2016

She calls herself Lyrical Lively. Get it, granny!!

posted by: Heather Storm

Missing Pet Lizard In Oshkosh

Thursday, Jul, 28 2016

In case anyone lost their enormous lizard (sorry, not sure of the technical term for this animal), check the Oshkosh Humane Society. Poor guy! Hope he makes it back home safe!

posted by: Heather Storm

Snooki Has A Rap Video

Wednesday, Jul, 27 2016

Nobody knows why this happened. The ending line is "Saggy nipplesssss....."  Then she walks away.

posted by: Heather Storm