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Demi Lovato Gets Engaged

Monday, Oct, 13 2014

Five year old Grant asks Demi to marry him. He doesn't seem that into it. Haha. But when she's a 40 year old cougar and he's like 25...

posted by: Heather Storm

Dad Mad Over Angry Birds

Friday, Oct, 10 2014

Corey deleted Angry Birds off his dad's phone and Dad is MAD! Lots of bad words and NSFW so there's that. But seriously, I can't stop laughing. I hope Corey is not homeless.

posted by: Heather Storm

Robin Williams Post Mortem Christmas Movie

Friday, Oct, 10 2014

A Merry Friggin Christmas is one of Robin Williams' final movies and also stars Lauren Graham and Joel McHale.  He had a couple in the works.  Merry is a dark comedy about a man spending the holidays with his estranged weirdo family members.  It opens November 7th.

posted by: Heather Storm

Corgi Pup Plays With Pumpkin

Thursday, Oct, 9 2014

All the warms and fuzzies.

posted by: Heather Storm