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Jen From Appleton Bath & Body Works

Tuesday, Oct, 7 2014

This video is 2 years old and has just been discovered by Tumblr users.  Az4Angela from Neenah wants her damn candles!!!  The story has a happy ending though.  She got them free of charge about a year ago.

posted by: Heather Storm

Breast Cancer Awareness With Heather's Mom

Monday, Oct, 6 2014

It's wonderful to wear pink and support the cause, but this is the kind of true awareness you don't see often enough during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mom, Karen, died from stage 4 metastatic (means it spread to other body parts for those unfamiliar with the technical term) breast cancer in 2011 after fighting the disease at that stage for 8.5 years. She was 56 and developed it for the first time at 34 when I was a kindergartener.
My mom loved wearing pink NFL jerseys and celebrating at every awareness function that existed within her area. However, she was even more focused on spreading the hard, raw realities of the disease in hopes of helping fellow and future survivors.

posted by: Heather Storm

Educational Version of 'Anaconda'

Friday, Oct, 3 2014

Seriously, I feel like I just watched an episode of School House Rocks or something. And for real....EFFFF those little snakes in the zoo. Who do they think they are?

posted by: Heather Storm

"Shake It Off" Screamo Cover

Thursday, Oct, 2 2014

This is actually really awesome.

posted by: Heather Storm

"Let Me Poop" Frozen Parody

Thursday, Oct, 2 2014

No Frozen parody will ever compare and the song itself will never be the same.

posted by: Heather Storm