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Pop Sockets - LIFE CHANGING!

Monday, Apr, 25 2016

I bought one and it came in the mail over the weekend and my life has been changed! The days of dropping my phone are over! You can get an already designed pattern or you can go custom and upload a picture of your kids, pets, or whatever! Go to popsockets.com! So awesome!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Star Wars Nerds...this is for you!https://youtu.be/Wji-BZ0oCwg

Thursday, Apr, 7 2016

The first teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been released...here it is! :-)

posted by: Karli Brooks

WHY JC Penney??? WHY???

Wednesday, Apr, 6 2016

JC Penney is selling a skirt with a flower on the front that looks like someone forgot it was that time of the month and wore a nice white skirt...WHY IS THIS FASHIONABLE?

Think about how many people probably had to see that design before it hit shelves...you're telling me NONE of them thought it looked like a lady leaked through her tampon??? NONE OF THEM?

This one just boggles my mind!!!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Bieber / Miley --- CREEPY!!!

Wednesday, Mar, 2 2016

They look WAY too much alike...I think it's Bieber that looks girly rather than Miley looking manly...even though some may argue she is rather manly...STILL SO CREEPY!

posted by: Karli Brooks

Oscars Drinking Game

Friday, Feb, 26 2016

The Oscars are on this weekend. Why not turn it into a drinking game?

If the following happens, you drink:

- The Academy plays the "wrap it up" music.
- Someone mentions #OscarsSoWhite.
- You have never heard of the winner.
- A winner pretends they don't have a speech prepared.
- The camera shows celebs taking a selfie.
- Someone mentions the presidential candidate nominees.
- You've actually seen the film that won.

There you go...watch the Oscars and get drunk! :-P

posted by: Karli Brooks