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Taylor Swift Gave Jason Derulo One of His Most Prized Possessions

What do you get the man who has a bar in his bathroom? A fancy bottle of champagne, of course. In a new cover story with Vulkan magazine, Jason Derulo -- who does indeed mix drinks in his master bath -- reveals that Taylor Swift gifted him his most cherished bottle of alcohol. “I definitely am a cocktail master but I’m a pretty simple guy too,” he says. “I did just start doing wines, but I think my most prized bottle would be a bottle of Dom [Perignon]. Taylor Swift bought me a bottle of limited edition Dom that is…

posted 2016/05/28 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR


Fifth Harmony Gets Own Twitter Emoji to Celebrate Album Release

Fifth Harmony’s album 7/27 is out today and they’ve got their very own Twitter emoji to celebrate. The girl group unveiled a custom icon that will appear every time you use the hashtag #727OUTNOW. “Twitter has allowed us to build our collective voice as a group, and become the place where we share exciting news & announcements, new music & videos,” the girls say in a statement to Mashable. “More importantly, Twitter gives us a direct line to our fans: it's the place we talk to fans and share our lives.” They add, “We are so excited to be working…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Ed Sheeran Makes Good on Red Nose Day Promise and Eats Sea Snail

Ed Sheeran officially made good on his Red Nose Day promise. The singer donned a red tutu and full colored manicure to chow down on the most disgusting food in Japan. In a video posted to James Corden’s Twitter page, Ed chokes down some fermented beans and sea snail. He barely makes it through the meal without throwing up. Before last night’s Red Nose Day Special, Ed pledged to wear the tutu and eat something gross if people raised more money for the charity event than last year. The event, which benefits children in need, raised more than $31.5 million…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Attention Ladies: Nick Jonas Clarifies He’s “Very Single”

Don’t believe every headline you read. Nick Jonas is setting the record straight about his relationship status. “I'm very single y'all. That is all,” Nick tweeted this morning. He added, “Hate when liberties are taken for headlines.” Yesterday, U.K.’s The Sun published an article with a headline claiming that Nick confirmed he’s been dating Lily Collins. In the article, Nick admits to going out with her “a couple of times.” Meanwhile, in his new cover story with Entertainment Weekly, Nick dishes on some of his ex-girlfriends. He says he doesn’t see Miley Cyrus much anymore because they “run in different…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Calvin Harris Cancels More Gigs as He Recovers from Car Crash

Calvin Harris won’t be playing his show in Las Vegas tonight as he continues to recover from last weekend’s car accident. The DJ-producer’s team announced the cancellation on his Facebook page. He also nixed another show in Vegas which had been scheduled for Thursday night. “[Calvin] is still recovering from the injuries sustained in the car accident last Friday,” the message reads. “…He has asked us to pass on his apologies to everyone who was due to attend the shows and hopes to be back to his normal schedule soon.” Calvin also tweeted his personal apologies and thanked everyone for…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Listen to Train "Ramble On" on New Track from Upcoming Charity Disc

Train Does Led Zeppelin II, the upcoming album from Train, is due June 3, and the band has released one more track from it to whet your appetite.  It's a song that longtime fans of the band are very familiar with: "Ramble On." In a statement, the band says, "This last song we’re throwing at you from Train Does Led Zeppelin II is one of our absolute favorites, and the one we’ve been covering the longest as a band."  Train's been doing "Ramble On" live at their concerts for years and years. "Ramble On" is the fourth song to be…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Ed Sheeran Has to Wear Red Tutu and Eat Sea Snails for Red Nose Day Challenge

Ed Sheeran needs to make good on his promise. Before last night’s Red Nose Day Special, the singer pledged to wear a red tutu and eat “the most disgusting food in Japan” if more money was raised for the charity event than last year. “I’m currently in Japan traveling, but I’ve decided that if you guys raise more money than you did last year for Red Nose Day then I’ll dress up in a red tutu and eat the most disgusting thing they have in Japan,” Ed says in a video posted to Twitter. He then consults with a friend,…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Ryan Tedder: Stop Comparing Adele to Beyonce!

One's got the biggest album of the year so far, while other has, arguably, the most talked-about album of the year so far.  No wonder people like to mention Adele and Beyonce in the same breath, and are predicting they'll be facing off against one another at the Grammys next year.  But one guy who's worked with both women -- OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder -- says he hates seeing them pitted against one another. Speaking to the International Business Times UK, Ryan says his message to music critics is, "Stop creating controversy when there's no controversy. They're both amazing; they're both…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Justin Bieber and Skrillex Sued Over "Sorry"

Justin Bieber and Skrillex may have one more reason to be "Sorry." Casey Dienel, who records under the name White Hinterland, is suing the two over Bieber's hit "Sorry," which Skrillex co-produced. In a message posted to her Facebook page on Thursday, Dienel claims Bieber and Skrillex did not obtain a license for the "exploitation" of her 2014 track “Ring the Bell.” Dienel goes on to allege that Bieber could have simply licensed her music instead of sampling it. “After the release of ‘Sorry,’ my lawyers sent Bieber a letter regarding the infringement, but Bieber’s team again chose to ignore…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Will Record New Songs on the Road Together This Summer

Nick Jonas graces the cover of EW's new summer special issue and he knows how he's spending his summer already: He'll be on the road with his buddy Demi Lovato on their joint Future Now tour.  But in a video interview on EW.com, Nick says making new music is also on the agenda this summer, for both of them. "We are taking a mobile studio [on the road]," Nick tells EW. "Demi's in the process of making a new record already, and I'm gonna be helping her with that a little bit and we're gonna bring people out to write…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

WALK THE MOON Singer Says Weekend Shows Mark "Last Hurrah of This Chapter" of Band's Career

WALK THE MOON was forced to cancel their Work This Body summer tour due to the illness of frontman Nick Petricca's [puh-TREEK-uh] father. However, they're still finishing out their scheduled shows this month, and will wrap everything up this weekend at the BottleRock Festival in Napa, California.  Nick says he's been touched by how supportive their fans have been about the cancellation. "It’s been unbelievable. The total outpouring of love from them is overwhelming," Nick tells ABC Radio. "We’re a band that we really believe in the power of sharing a message through music and our music is very much…

posted 2016/05/27 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR


Rihanna Creepers Sell Out in Minutes, Website Crashes

Rihanna's new version of her Creepers instantly sold out today and crashed the Puma website.  Ri-Ri’s third version of the sneakers went on sale at 10 a.m. ET and were out of stock in 45 minutes, Footwear News reports. However, the shoes will soon be available on Nordstrom.com. The company tweeted, “There's been an update with the Creepers. Expect them to release on our website on 5/31.” The $140 kicks are offered in green-bordeaux, black satin and basket creeper glo for both men and women. Resellers immediately took advantage of the heavy demand, pricing the sneakers on eBay for $200-$350.…

posted 2016/05/26 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR