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Mariah Carey Says Her New Show Isn't Reality TV: "I Don't Even Know What Reality Is"

Mariah Carey sure knows how to make an entrance. She proved it Wednesday during an appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills to promote her upcoming E! series, Mariah's World. Mariah was brought out by several bare-chested hunks, and she sat on stage on a velvet chaise lounge chair with gold accents. As an added touch, champagne and chocolates was passed around for everyone in the room. Mariah's World, scheduled to premiere on Sunday, December 4, will take us behind the scenes as the singer tours internationally and plans her wedding to Aussie billionaire James Packer.…

posted 2016/08/04 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Heads Up, Pop Stars: Meghan Trainor's Got Songs for You

When Meghan Trainor isn't churning out hits for herself, she's creating songs for other acts, like girl group Fifth Harmony and country group Rascal Flatts. She says there are plenty more where that came from...and she's happy to share. "I have extra songs from this album," Meghan tells ABC Radio of her current disc, Thank You.  "I wrote basically three albums for one album. So I have all these extra songs that I'm trying to find homes for." "So any artist out there listening, Wassup?" she laughs. "Hit me up, I have songs for you!" One artist who's taking advantage…

posted 2016/08/04 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Hailee Steinfeld Hints She’s Not as Close to Taylor Swift as You Think

Hailee Steinfeld has long been considered a core member of Taylor Swift’s squad. She was featured in the “Bad Blood” video, after all. But in a new cover story with Seventeen magazine, the actress/singer admits the two aren’t as close as you might think. "I think people think we spend a lot more time together than we actually do!" she says. "She's amazing though." But having a supportive group of gal pals is better than being bullied in school. Hailee says she used to get prank calls to her house every morning and people would slam her locker shut as…

posted 2016/08/04 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel, in His Bedroom

Kevin Winter/Getty Images via ABCJimmy Kimmel loves pulling pranks, but also appreciates when a good one is pulled on him. Last year for April Fool’s Day, Rihanna sneaked into his house in the middle of the night, jumped on his bed and started singing. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with the help of Jimmy Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney, Britney Spears and her dancers sneaked into the sleeping late-night host's bedroom, and the sultry pop star performed her new single, “Make Me,” to a confused Kimmel. Featuring five of her male performers wearing body paint and black briefs, and another dressed…

posted 2016/08/04 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Taylor Swift Celebrates Karlie Kloss' 24th Birthday

Taylor Swift’s close friend, model Karlie Kloss, celebrated her 24th birthday Wednesday, and the singer posted a throwback selfie with a special message for Karlie on Instagram. She captioned the photo, "I LOVE YOU KARLIE! You're such an exquisite person, always trying to make things better for others." She added, "Every day I'm inspired by how giving, loving, and thoughtful you are. Happy 24th Birthday!!!" Kloss shared a photo of her own on Twitter Wednesday. It showed Kloss Facetiming with Swift on an iPad, and a beautiful vase of sunflowers was on display next to the screen. She tweeted, "When…

posted 2016/08/04 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

OneRepublic Announces New Single, "Kids"

OneRepublic has announced a new single.   The band's Twitter account Wednesday stated that the song, titled "Kids", is "coming soon." The post also revealed the artwork for the single, which the group described in an earlier tweet as the "jump off song" for their next album. Our new single coming soon! pic.twitter.com/vaoaEbUZcf— OneRepublic (@OneRepublic) August 3, 2016 "Kids" is the follow-up to OneRepublic's other 2016 release, "Wherever I Go." OneRepublic is set to drop a new, as-yet-untitled album this fall, their first since 2013's Native. Copyright © 2016, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

posted 2016/08/04 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR


Ariana Grande Releases Two Surprise Tracks, New A Cappella Lyric Video

Ariana Grande is making her fans very happy. First, she posted two previously unreleased tracks to her SoundCloud page. Then, she released an a cappella lyric video for her song “Into You.”Ariana shared a song called “Voodoo Love” and the original version of “OG Honeymoon Avenue,” featuring the Dap-Kings. Both songs were intended for her 2013 debut album, Yours Truly. A different, slower version of “OG Honeymoon Avenue” ended up making the cut. The new “Into You” lyric video features Ariana singing live against a plain backdrop. Shot in black and white, Ariana appears slightly out of focus as the…

posted 2016/08/03 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Taylor Swift Breaks Social Media Silence with a Cat Video

After the whole Kanye West phone call blowout, Taylor Swift has been laying low on social media. But she did break her social media silence to show a video of her cat on the newly launched Instagram Stories feature.In the clip, her cat Olivia stands up on her back legs. "What's going on?" Taylor asks from behind the camera. "You gonna look less like a cat and more like a squirrel today?"  That’s all we get, though. No updates on Hiddleswift or her so-called feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Instagram Stories launched Tuesday as a rival to Snapchat…

posted 2016/08/03 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

“Everyone Is Expecting” a Gwen and Blake Engagement, Source Says

We know that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton both helped each other through painful divorces last year. But could the two be ready to walk down the aisle again? A source tells People an engagement might be in their not-so-distant future.“They are not engaged yet," the insider close to Gwen tells the mag. "Everyone is expecting it to happen at some point, though."With Gwen currently on tour, though, the source says that “the timing just hasn’t been right,” adding, “But Gwen is very, very happy with Blake. She always acts giddy when she talks about Blake.”Blake made a surprise appearance…

posted 2016/08/03 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Charlie Puth Releases Video for Selena Gomez Duet -- but Where’s Selena?

Charlie Puth finally released the video for his Selena Gomez duet, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” But there’s one thing it’s missing: an appearance by Selena.Instead, the video features Charlie and another girl who have drifted apart in their relationship. In a split screen, we see their separate routines as they go about their day in New York City. They’re both thinking about each other, but neither can bring themselves to send a text.When someone tweeted Charlie asking why Selena wasn’t in the video, he joked, “Because we don’t talk anymore.”Charlie is gearing up for his biggest North American headlining tour…

posted 2016/08/03 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

In Her “Glory”: Britney Spears Announces New Album Will Drop Later This Month

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Britney Spears has officially announced her ninth studio album. Britney revealed on Twitter that her latest release will be titled Glory.  She also posted a picture of the cover art, which features a close-up of the singer in a white lace blouse. “#Glory. My new album & the beginning of a new era,” Britney writes.The album will be available for pre-order tonight at midnight, with the song “Private Show” as an instant grat track. Glory comes out August 26. It follows the July release of Britney's most recent single, "Make Me," featuring G-Eazy.Britney’s…

posted 2016/08/03 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR

Why OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder Refuses to Sing at Weddings

If OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder is a friend of yours, that doesn't mean you can expect him to entertain the guests at your wedding.  He tells Billboard that he'll never sing at a wedding again because, despite having performed for massive crowds allover the world, he says, "Nothing makes me more nervous." Ryan explains that messing up onstage during a tour is OK, because it's just one show among many...but a wedding is a one-shot deal. "If you forget a lyric or fall onstage, you can always do another show," he tells Billboard. "But with a wedding, that’s it."  He adds…

posted 2016/08/03 by Music News From ABC News Radio - CHR