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"Quantico" Star Talks Art Imitating Life in the Spy Game, and the Move to Monday Nights

(NEW YORK) -- Actor Blair Underwood, Priyanka Chopra and the rest of the cast returns to the twisty spy thriller Quantico on Monday night, in a move to a 10 p.m. time slot for the ABC drama. "I'm really excited about the fact that we're moving to Monday nights," Underwood told ABC News, "excited about the lead-in we have with The Bachelor, which is a huge audience -- you know, lead-ins help! Otherwise you're kind of an island onto yourself, hoping people kind of tune in."In the show, the actor plays Lead CIA instructor Owen Hall, and Underwood explains the…

posted 2017-01-20 18:00:04 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

President Trump's Inauguration Speech Sounds Familiar to Batman Fans

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- Those who didn't vote for President Donald Trump may joke that he reminds them of a comic book villain -- but he's not helping matters by directly quoting one in his inauguration speech. Fans of the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises thought Trump's speech sounded a bit familiar -- well, at least the part where he said, "Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people." In The Dark Knight Rises,…

posted 2017-01-20 15:52:33 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"House of Cards" Reveals Season 5 Teaser on Inauguration Day

(LOS ANGELES) -- On the day of the inauguration, the award-winning Netflix hit show House of Cards dropped a chilling season 5 teaser on Twitter with the caption, "We make the terror." The show has made no connection to the big day or to the new president, but the during the 30-second clip, the camera pulls back on an image of the Stars and Stripes, and we hear the sound of kids reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. While the kids speak, it's revealed the American flag is waving in a grey sky -- but the flag, in front of the White House -- is…

posted 2017-01-20 14:00:01 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Kerry Washington Speaks Out on Trump's Inauguration: "It's My Job to Hold Them Accountable"

(LOS ANGELES) -- Kerry Washington will not be silenced when it comes to her political views -- especially with the inauguration today of Donald Trump. According to the Scandal actress, it's her duty to hold elected officials accountable, even if those candidates weren't necessarily her choice."This is my country -- regardless of whether or not of my candidate won -- this is my country and that person's job is to represent all of us," Washington tells ABC Radio of the presidency. "It's my job to hold them accountable. We have to remember that the people who are in elected offices…

posted 2017-01-20 12:00:01 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Report: "black-ish" to Spin Off Yara Shahidi's Zoey to College

(LOS ANGELES) -- Yara Shahidi, the beautiful actress who plays Zoey, the eldest daughter of Anthony Anderson's and Tracey Ellis-Ross' characters on black-ish, could be getting her own spin-off.According to Deadline, the ABC sitcom's creator, Kenya Barris, and its showrunner, Larry Wilmore, are working on a comedy that would focus on Zoey's life as she heads off to college. The publication reports the concept will be introduced as a "backdoor pilot episode" -- meaning it would be a regular episode of the show -- to air in the spring.If the show become a reality, it would be the first series…

posted 2017-01-20 10:00:53 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"A Dog's Purpose" L.A. Premiere Canceled Amid Accusations of Animal Cruelty

(LOS ANGELES) -- Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment have canceled the Los Angeles premiere of A Dog's Purpose this weekend amid threats of a boycott by PETA, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The controversy stems from a video that surfaced Wednesday showing a frightened German Shepherd being forced to perform in a pool of water intended to simulate river rapids.Universal and Amblin relesed a statement on Thursday that read, "Because Amblin's review into the edited video released [Wednesday] is still ongoing, distributor Universal Pictures has decided it is in the best interest of A Dog's Purpose to cancel this weekend's premiere…

posted 2017-01-20 10:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"Terrified" Idina Menzel "Said No to Myself 12 Times" Before Agreeing to Star in "Beaches" Remake

Starring in the remake of a beloved movie is hard enough, but what if you also had to record your own version of that movie's #1 Grammy-winning hit? No wonder Idina Menzel says she was "terrified" to star in Lifetime's reboot of the 1988 Bette Midler/Barbara Hershey film Beaches, debuting this weekend. "I was terrified to do it at first...I think it's a beautiful, beautiful movie," said Idina. "And both those women...especially Bette Midler, for me, was an idol my whole life." "It's a daunting task," she continued. "But as a performer, you look at a role, and you see…

posted 2017-01-20 08:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Celebs Join Thousands Protesting Donald Trump in New York City

(NEW YORK) -- Come noon today, President-elect Donald Trump will be President Donald Trump, when he’s sworn in as our nation’s 45th president.  And as you may have heard, not everyone’s happy about it. Thursday night in New York, thousands of people gathered in New York City outside of Trump International Hotel for a "United We Stand NYC Rally" to protest Trump and his policies.  In addition to regular New Yorkers, including New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, organizer and filmmaker Michael Moore was there, along with co-organizer Mark Ruffalo, as well as celebs including Cher, Robert De Niro, Julianne…

posted 2017-01-20 05:00:40 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"Split" and "xXx: The Return of Xander Cage" Among This Week's New Releases

(NEW YORK) -- Here's a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday: * Split -- The latest thriller from writer/director M. Night Shyamalan stars X Men's James McAvoy as man with multiple personalities who kidnaps three girls. Their only escape it to find some of the personalities, while avoiding the others. Rated PG-13. * xXx: The Return of Xander Cage -- The third chapter in the xXx series finds Vin Diesel's Xander Cage secretly back in action, this time in search of a device that has the capability of controlling every military satellite. Toni Collette, Nina Dobrev and Samuel L. Jackson co-star.…

posted 2017-01-20 05:00:39 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Review: “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” (PG-13)

(NEW YORK) -- Vin Diesel continues his climb back to past glory, reprising another role that helped turn him into, at one time, the world’s biggest action star.  Fifteen years after first playing Xander Cage in xXx, he reprises his role as X-games-type super-agent Xander Cage. Only this time, Cage is no longer a government agent. Instead, presumed dead, he’s stealing transmitters from tall towers, skiing down a mountain of shrubbery, then skateboarding the rest of of the way while being chased by soldiers, all in an effort to allow a small village to be able to watch a soccer…

posted 2017-01-20 03:00:32 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Review: “Split” (PG-13)

(NEW YORK) -- M. Night Shyamalan is back! At one time the most promising filmmaker in the world, Mr. Shyamalan seemed to peak with the film that got him noticed, 1999’s The Sixth Sense -- one of my favorites and a technical masterpiece, from top to bottom. Then came the admirable Unbreakable, the respectable Signs and, finally, what would be his last compelling and memorable film for 13 years, The Village. As far as I’m concerned, The Sixth Sense alone gave Shyamalan a free pass to try anything he wanted for the rest of his days.  But a decade-plus of…

posted 2017-01-20 03:00:32 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


"A Dog's Purpose" Star Josh Gad "Shaken" by Alleged Cruelty Video From Set

(LOS ANGELES) -- After TMZ obtained and posted a video allegedly taken on the set of A Dog's Purpose, animal advocate group People for the Ethical Treatment of Anmials has called for a boycott of the movie -- and now its star and director are speaking out, too.  The movie, which hits theaters next week, details the relationship between dogs and their owners. The video, which was released yesterday, appears to show a German shepherd named Hercules fighting his handler, who is trying to lower him into a pool of turbulent water for one of the film's planned scenes. "[The] footage shows a…

posted 2017-01-19 18:01:01 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio