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Squad Assemble! Report: Taylor Swift Appears as Baby #2 Arrives for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and her hubby Ryan Reynolds have welcomed her second child, according to Page Six, which notes perhaps the most famous third wheel in the world, Taylor Swift, wasn't far behind. The paper reports that Lively's baby -- and little sibling to the couple's baby girl James -- was born at a New York City hospital Friday morning, and Lively's bestie Taylor was among the first to greet the new bundle of joy.            Copyright © 2016, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.  

posted 2016-09-30 14:21:43 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Lorne Michaels Says Getting Alec Baldwin to Play Trump Was Tina Fey's Idea

(NEW YORK) -- Looking forward to seeing Alec Baldwin play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live's season premiere this weekend?  You can thank Tina Fey. In a wide-ranging interview about the 42-season-old sketch show, creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels told The Hollywood Reporter, "We were talking about who should do it.  And she said, 'Well, the person that should really play it is Alec.' And I went, 'Yeah!' A light went on." Fey and Baldwin of course co-starred in Fey's sitcom 30 Rock for seven seasons. Michaels explained, "There were a lot of obstacles in the way to working it out," noting Baldwin's schedule and that of his…

posted 2016-09-30 14:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford Put Themselves Up for Charity -- Sort Of

(BUDAPEST) -- As part of one of the Charity site Omaze's donor experiences, Ryan Gosling is giving fans the chance to visit the Budapest set of the new Blade Runner, film, have lunch with him, and meet his co-star,Harrison Ford.  And if that weren't enough? How about an opportunity to tool around in Gosling's golf cart? The top prize also includes airfare and four-star hotel accommodations. Every donation, starting at a minimum of $10, benefits the Enough Project's fight against genocide and crimes against humanity in the Congo. Copyright © 2016, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

posted 2016-09-30 12:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Wonder Woman Is Bisexual, Comic Writer Confirms

(NEW YORK) -- A comic book writer has confirmed what loyal Wonder Woman fans have long suspected -- the superhero is bisexual. Current Wonder Woman comic writer Greg Rucka confirmed speculation in an interview with Comicosity, but stresses that defining the Amazon Princess' sexuality is tricky, given her origins on the female-only island of Themyscira. "It’s supposed to be paradise," Rucka explains. "You’re supposed to be able to live happily. You’re supposed to be able — in a context where one can live happily, and part of what an individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner — to have…

posted 2016-09-30 10:00:25 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Amanda Knox Documentary Premieres on Netflix Today

(NEW YORK) -- A new documentary on Amanda Knox premieres today on Netflix. The film, simply titled Amanda Knox, explores the 2007 murder of Knox's roommate, British student Meredith Kercher, while the two were studying in Italy. Knox was twice convicted and twice acquitted in the case. Her boyfriend at the time of the murder, Raffaele Sollecito, was also convicted and eventually acquitted in the case. Knox cooperated with the making of the documentary, which was directed by Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn. Blackhurst says they initially approached Knox after her first acquittal. "It wasn't until two years later she…

posted 2016-09-30 08:00:18 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children," "Deepwater Horizon" Among Weekend's New Films

(NEW YORK) -- Here's a look at the new movies opening nationwide today: * Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children -- In Tim Burton's latest flick, a boy named Jake discovers a refuge for kids with strange abilities. Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Chris O'Dowd, Ella Purnell, Allison Janney, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp, Judi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson star in the film, which is based on the novel of the same name. Rated PG-13. * Deepwater Horizon -- The Peter Berg-directed drama depicts the 2010 explosion of the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people.  Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O'Brien and Kate Hudson star.  Rated…

posted 2016-09-30 05:01:13 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Vice President Joe Biden Blasts Donald Trump on "The Tonight Show"

(NEW YORK) -- Jimmy Fallon welcomed Vice President Joe Biden to The Tonight Show on Thursday, and Biden didn't mince words when it came to assessing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's performance at the first presidential debates. "What amazes me about Donald Trump...is his lack of sensibility," Biden noted. "I mean, the way he talks about, 'Well you know, I was rooting for the housing market to fail'...because that's business. That's not business. That's callous...or that, 'I paid no takes and that makes me smart.'"  Added Biden, "What does that make the rest of us, suckers?" As for Trump's foreign policy,…

posted 2016-09-30 05:00:12 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Review: “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (PG-13)

(NEW YORK) -- I don’t know whose idea it was to have director Tim Burton adapt Ransom Riggs’ 2011 novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I do know I’d like to buy that person a drink. The idea was like matching Burton with Johnny Depp. Perfect. Asa Butterfield stars as Jake, an ordinary – maybe less than ordinary – teenager living in South Florida, whose grandfather, Abe (Terence Stamp), is killed.  Everybody else thinks Abe died of natural cause, but Jake, who witnessed Abe’s death, saw a monster not far from where he found his grandfather, though nobody…

posted 2016-09-30 03:00:46 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Review: “Deepwater Horizon” (PG-13)

(NEW YORK) -- Deepwater Horizon reunites director Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg after a successful collaboration on 2013’s Lone Survivor. Wahlberg’s acting continues to improve with age but Lone Survivor, it could be argued then, may have been his best performance to date.  Berg, an actor himself, is terrific at capturing special performances. And Wahlberg is pretty special here. Wahlberg plays Mike Williams, an engineer on the Deepwater Horizon, the offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded on April 20, 2010, killing 11 rig workers and causing the worst oil spill in U.S. History.   But it’s the…

posted 2016-09-30 03:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


Lady Gaga Confirms She'll Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show

(NEW YORK) -- Lady Gaga is headed back to the Super Bowl, this time as the headliner of the halftime show. The pop star and the NFL confirmed Thursday night that she will perform during the halftime show of Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on February 5, 2017. The big game will be broadcast on Fox. Gaga, referring to her new single "Perfect Illusion," tweeted, "It's not an illusion. The rumors are true. This year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA!" She'll appear on the Fox NFL Sunday Pregame Show this Sunday to discuss the gig. Gaga…

posted 2016-09-29 19:31:13 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson Got Real for "Deepwater Horizon"

(NEW YORK) -- Director Peter Berg's new drama Deepwater Horizon tests the box office waters Friday. Critical reaction to the film that depicts the lives of those who lived and worked -- and the 11 who died -- aboard the doomed BP oil rig has been positive.  For the stars of the film, including Mark Wahlberg, who portrays Mike Williams, the last person to evacuate the rig, and Kate Hudson, who plays his wife Felicia, the best reviews they've gotten have been from those who were really there during the 2010 disaster, and their families who anxiously awaited news of the fate of their loved ones. Hudson…

posted 2016-09-29 18:00:47 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Thank You for Being a (Plastic) Friend

(NEW YORK) -- As it is every year, next week's New York Comic Con is famous for its exclusive products -- that is, toys and other items that you can only buy there, which in turn causes massive lines of fans waiting to get their hands on them.  This year, however, the company Funko is releasing action figures of four unlikely heroines that will have geeks clamoring: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sofia.  Yes -- the Golden Girls.  The four-day annual nerd mecca, which takes place October 6–9 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan, will be the only place to buy the…

posted 2016-09-29 18:00:43 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio