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“Castle” Guest Star Carly Rae Jepsen Is 'Stoked' to Be on the Show

(NEW YORK) -- Could this be the start of Carly Rae Jepsen’s television acting career? The singer will guest star as herself on an episode of Castle. In the episode titled “Dead From New York,” Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are called in to investigate the murder of the creator of a long-running sketch comedy show called "Saturday Night Tonight."Jepsen, who made her Saturday Night Live debut last month, will appear as the musical guest on the Castle version of the show. She’ll be singing her new song, “I Really Like You,” and also will have a couple of lines…

posted 2015-05-04 15:50:50 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

First Look at Will Smith and Cast of “Suicide Squad”

(NEW YORK) -- Get ready for the scariest-looking bunch of superheroes ever. Director David Ayer has posted a first look at the cast of the much-anticipated film Suicide Squad, dressed in character. "Task Force X assembled and ready," Ayer wrote on Twitter Sunday.   Task Force X assembled and ready. #SuicideSquad pic.twitter.com/fEV7E1aPsm — David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) May 3, 2015 There's Will Smith, as Deadshot, with shaved head, goatee and a very large gun.   Ayer also posted a separate photo of Smith, showing off his machinery.   Deadshot #SuicideSquad pic.twitter.com/HEF0jFeMsO — David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) May 4, 2015   Meanwhile in…

posted 2015-05-04 15:38:50 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Kris Jenner Cries over Bruce Jenner’s Transition

(LOS ANGELES) -- When Bruce Jenner told ABC News' Diane Sawyer last month that he’s transgender, he said that his family had been supportive.However, it was tough for his ex-wife, Kris Jenner, to digest the information at first.In a trailer for a special two-part episode of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians to air later this month, she is seen crying to her daughter, Kim Kardashian."I have these memories of this life and I feel sometimes like it didn’t exist,” Kris Jenner said through tears.The former Olympian and Kris Jenner were married in 1991 and announced their split in 2013.…

posted 2015-05-04 12:27:29 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"Game of Thrones" Actor Ian McElhinney Talks Ser Barristan the Bold

(LOS ANGELES) -- WARNING: Spoilers ahead!Fans who read and did not read the books were both surprised Sunday night on Game of Thrones when Ser Barristan the Bold was killed off. Barristan -- who is the advisor to the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen -- is still alive in all the books, so everyone was caught off guard.The actor who played the character, Ian McElhinney, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his demise."The totality of it didn’t really hit me until once it was over, and then I was surprised how emotional I felt. The guys were lovely; they gave me…

posted 2015-05-04 11:39:29 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Reese Witherspoon Brings the Laughs in "Hot Pursuit"

(NEW YORK) -- Reese Witherspoon is back on the big screen in the comedy Hot Pursuit, playing a police officer who must escort a witness, played by Sofia Vergara, to a federal trial. Although Vergara is difficult onscreen, Witherspoon said off-screen, she was a delight to work with."I was such a huge fan of her on Modern Family and when I got to actually sit with her and we started talking about what kind of movie we want to make together, I was just so charmed by her," said Witherspoon on Monday's Good Morning America. "She's just as lovely in…

posted 2015-05-04 10:47:53 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

“Dancing with the Stars” Couples to Perform Trio Dance on Monday Night

(LOS ANGELES) — The fans will have their voices heard on Monday night's edition of Dancing with the Stars.The six remaining couples will perform a dance style voted on by the viewers.Each pair will also team up with an eliminated pro or troupe member for a trio dance highlighting the jive, paso doble, samba or salsa.Noah Galloway is looking forward to the trio dance because it means he will not only perform with his usual partner, Sharna Burgess, but also with Emma Slater. He jokes to ABC Radio, "That's not a horrible thing."Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec and his partner, Kym…

posted 2015-05-04 05:08:35 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Does Madonna Regret Kissing Drake at Coachella?

(NEW YORK) — Madonna may be having second thoughts about that onstage kiss she shared with Drake at last month's Coachella Music Festival.During an online question and answer session on Saturday, the 56-year-old singer was asked if Drake, 28, was a good kisser."You asked the million dollar question...I kissed a girl, and I liked it," Madonna responded.When another fan asked what advice Madonna would give her younger self, knowing what she knows now, the singer replied, "Don't kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to."After the kiss, which took place while Drake was seated onstage, he responded…

posted 2015-05-04 05:06:39 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods Break Up

(NEW YORK) — Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have split.The skier and the golfer's decision to end their "nearly three years together" was mutual, Vonn said on social media Sunday, citing their "hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart."Vonn wrote on Facebook: "After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. I will always cherish the memories that we've created together. Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart. I will always admire and respect Tiger. He and…

posted 2015-05-04 05:02:32 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

“Walking Dead” Star Chad L. Coleman Apologizes for NYC Subway Tirade

(NEW YORK) — Chad L. Coleman, who plays Tyreese on The Walking Dead and also portrayed Cutty on The Wire, has apologized for a profanity-laced rant on a New York City subway on Friday that was caught on video and posted to YouTube."Where are my humanitarians?" Coleman screams in the video, before announcing, "Yes, I'm Chad L. Coleman. I'm on The Wire and The Walking Dead.""And when you record what I said," he continues, "tell me what the f**king you exposed. Nothing but the truth." Coleman explains to TMZ he had a lot of "built up frustration" as a result…

posted 2015-05-04 04:59:25 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Happy "Star Wars" Day!

(NEW YORK) — Monday is May 4th, and thanks to a punny 1979 London Evening News headline and a legion of die-hard fans, it's known the world over as "Star Wars Day." The headline about the election of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher -- "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations" -- inspired a grassroots movement for Star Wars junkies to celebrate George Lucas' galaxy far, far away.  The first such organized May the 4th celebration took place in Toronto, Canada in 2011, but thanks to December's release of J.J. Abrams-directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens that debuted…

posted 2015-05-04 04:45:02 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Muscular Dystrophy Association Will No Longer Produce Labor Day Telethon

(CHICAGO) — A Labor Day television tradition is no more.The Muscular Dystrophy Association has announced it is discontinuing its annual telethon, the origins of which trace back to the mid-1950s.The telethon was mainly associated with Jerry Lewis, who hosted it for more than four decades and memorably sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" on the show. He was dropped as host by the MDA in 2011.Steven M. Derks, MDA president and CEO, said in a post on the organization's website, "In its heyday, the MDA telethon sparked an era of giving and volunteerism across America inspired by courageous MDA families who…

posted 2015-05-04 04:42:37 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


"Avengers: Age of Ultron" Soars at the Box Office

(NEW YORK) -- With a super performance at the box office this weekend, the latest movie in the Marvel Universe annihilated the competition.Avengers: Age of Ultron, the second Avengers movie and the 11th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, brought in well over $100 million in its opening weekend, claiming the top spot easily. Marvel plans at least 10 more films through 2019, including two more Avengers films, and at least one more movie each for Cap and Thor. After three Iron Man films and two movies each focused on Captain America and Thor, it's clear that moviegoers aren't tired of Marvel'ssuperhero gang. Furious 7…

posted 2015-05-03 12:07:15 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio