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Jude Law to play young Dumbledore in "Fantastic Beasts" sequel

(LOS ANGELES) -- Jude Law has signed on to play young Dumbledore in the upcoming sequel to last year's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, according to Variety. Law --who reportedly beat out a who's who of British actors, including Christian Bale and Benedict Cumberbatch -- will portray Dumbledore before he became Hogwarts' headmaster and Harry Potter's mentor at the fictional British school of magic, made famous in the Harry Potter series. Richard Harris, originated the role before Michael Gambon took over after Harris’ death in 2002. Eddie Redmayne will reprise his role as Newt Scamander in the sequel, alongside Johnny Depp, who will play the villain Grindelwald. J.K. Rowling, who made her screenwriting debut on…

posted 2017-04-13 08:00:59 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington reflect on "Scandal" on its 100 episode

(LOS ANGELES) -- Today marks a major milestone for Shonda Rhimes and the cast of her hit series Scandal. The show hits its 100 episode tonight and continues to bring plenty of OMG moments for fans, but the milestone is a moment for reflection and appreciation for its creator and star. Prior to Scandal's premiere in April 2012, Rhimes knew she had something amazing on her hands and was determined to make sure she had the perfect cast in it. "I knew that we were doing a television show with an African American female lead and I know how rare that is and so…

posted 2017-04-13 05:00:49 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


"Guardians of the Galaxy" baddie Josh Brolin gets Cable role in "Deadpool 2"

(LOS ANGELES) -- ABC News has confirmed that Josh Brolin, who plays the purple "Mad Titan" Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has landed the plum role of Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds in another comic-based movie: 2018's Deadpool 2. Reynolds' confirmed the casting via Twitter -- jabbing Brolin's previous comic experience -- with a shot of Deadpool's gloved hand, cupping a cup of cappuccino, the foam decorated with a likeness of Brolin's face. "You can't play 2 characters in the same universe!!" Reynolds/Deadpool captioned. "Josh Brolin was in Sicario and I was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch." Of course, comic fans know Reynolds played…

posted 2017-04-12 18:00:40 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Comedian and actor Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy, dies of leukemia

(NEW YORK) -- Charlie Murphy, the eldest brother of actor-comedian Eddie Murphy, has passed away from leukemia at age 57. Murphy's rep, Domenick Nati, confirmed Murphy's passing to ABC News, but provided no further information. Murphy, a successful stand-up comic and actor in his own right, reportedly was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the blood cancer and passed away while at a New York City hospital, TMZ reports. Murphy was both an actor and writer, most notably on TV's Chappelle's Show, where he famously played himself opposite Dave Chappelle as Rick James. Murphy also starred with his brother in Harlem Nights and 2007's Norbit, and also had roles in Jungle…

posted 2017-04-12 14:00:38 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Caitlyn Jenner reportedly has gender reassignment surgery

(LOS ANGELES) -- Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly taken the final step in her transition. In her upcoming memoir, The Secrets of My Life, the former Olympian reveals that she underwent gender reassignment surgery in January 2017, Radar Online first reported and People has confirmed. “I am telling you because I believe in candor,” she reportedly explains. “So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know. Which is why this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it.” “The surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful, but liberated,” she says in the memoir,…

posted 2017-04-12 12:00:33 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Jimmy Kimmel talks to “Popsicle Bike” lady

(LOS ANGELES) -- On Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel showed the clip of a contestant on Wheel of Fortune trying to solve a puzzle with the answer, “Popsicle bike.” The category was "living thing," and the correct answer was "Honeysuckle bush." Host Pat Sajak retained his composure and simply answered, “No.” The clip immediately went viral after the episode aired last week and Kimmel was fascinated by it, so he invited the woman and her husband, Melinda and Larry Gardner, to appear on his show via Cisco screen teleconference from their home in Carrollton, Texas. After the Gardners briefly explained how they came to be…

posted 2017-04-12 10:01:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

"21 Jump Street" debuted 30 years ago

(LOS ANGELES) -- 21 Jump Street, the Fox TV show that catapulted a then little-known Johnny Depp to teen idol status, made its debut 30 years ago on Wednesday. The series, about a bunch of young-looking undercover cops who infiltrated high schools and other teen hangouts, was the first hit for the then fledgling Fox network, running for five seasons between 1987-1991. It also boasted guest appearances from rising stars Bridget Fonda, Brad Pitt, Josh Brolin, Vince Vaughn and Jason Priestley. The TV show was further bolstered by an alternative-rock soundtrack featuring artists such as The Alarm, and a theme song, sung by co-star Holly Robinson Peete, backed by Depp and series regular Peter DeLuise. The show inspired…

posted 2017-04-12 08:01:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

David Letterman's mother, Dorothy Mengering, dies at 95

(INDIANA) -- Former Late Show host David Letterman's mother, Dorothy Mengering, who was a recurring guest on his show, has died, his rep confirmed to Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday. She was 95. Mengering, known as simply "Dave's mom" on the show, often helped with her son with his top-10 lists, served as an Olympic correspondent and filmed segments from the kitchen of her Indiana home. In a New York Times interview promoting her 1996 cookbook, Home Cookin’ with Dave’s Mom, Mengering said of her sudden fame, “I couldn’t believe how it all took off. I think it’s about the idea of mom and of a family. People are eager for families…

posted 2017-04-12 05:00:14 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio


Founding J. Geils Band guitarist John Geils dead at 71

(NEW YORK) -- John Geils Jr., the founding guitarist and namesake of The J. Geils Band, was found dead Tuesday at his home in Groton, Massachusetts, ABC News has confirmed. He was 71. A spokesman for the Groton Police Department said the department did a well-being check at Geils' home Tuesday afternoon finding Geils dead at the scene. Geils formed the group in 1967 in Worcester, Massachusetts, along with singer Peter Wolf, bassist Danny Klein, harmonica player "Magic Dick" Salwitz, drummer Stephen Jo Bladd and keyboardist Seth Justman, and the band released its self-titled debut album in 1970. The J.…

posted 2017-04-11 19:34:31 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

John Leguizamo explains his humble beginnings in theater, and inspiring Lin-Manuel Miranda

(NEW YORK) -- In a recent profile in Vanity Fair, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the guy behind the Tony, Grammy, and Emmy-winning phenomenon Hamilton, said it wouldn't have existed without John Leguizamo. Leguizamo, star of movies like Carlito's Way and the blockbuster Ice Age movies, knocked down walls for Latinos on Broadway with his one-man shows.  "I feel like my work was justified," Leguizamo told ABC Radio's Good Morning America After Hours of Lin-Manuel's praise. "I wasn't even in the theater with [his debut] Mambo Mouth. I was in a hallway, with 70 fold-up chairs...and all of a sudden, there was Al Pacino, Arthur Miller, Sam Sheppard, Raul Julia..."  Mambo Mouth led to an award-winning Broadway career…

posted 2017-04-11 18:00:36 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

First look: Watch teaser for "Orange Is the New Black" season five

(NEW YORK) -- Netflix has shared a first-look teaser for the upcoming fifth season of their hit drama, Orange Is the New Black. The 60-second clip picks up right where season four left off, with the prisoners of Litchfield rioting in response to the death of beloved inmate Poussey. The conflict really escalates when Daya, played by Dascha Polanco, finds herself in possession of a gun, which she points at a kneeling guard. In the teaser, Daya is encircled by fellow inmates yelling at her to shoot the guard, while she remains hesitant. Meanwhile, Taylor Schilling's Piper and Laura Prepon's Alex, who are unaware of the…

posted 2017-04-11 14:00:00 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio

Zoe Saldana loves "colorblind," "gender-blind" sci-fi roles

(LOS ANGELES) -- Zoe Saldana has appeared in more than one high-profile sci-fi project, from Avatar, to her role as Lt. Uhura in the Star Trek movie franchise, to the green-skinned assassin Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy.  In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Saldana said playing characters in those movies have allowed her to step away from industry labels and be "colorblind, and gender-blind" in a world structured by race and gender. "I get to imagine the unimaginable," Saldana says. "I’m always in awe of writers, directors and actors who are able to pull off a world we’ve never seen -- I love working with…

posted 2017-04-11 12:00:32 by Entertainment News - ABC News Radio